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The injustice of unfunded treatments

36-year-old Ben had a clinic appointment at North Shore Hospital in March to review a large skin lesion thought to be a squamous cell carcinoma. The lesion had been present for 10 years but had rapidly increased in size in the last year. He was then sent for a CT scan...

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Useful skin check tools

Some useful skin check tools that we are promoting Skin self-exam video Use our Get To Know The Skin You're In - A Guide to Self Skin Checks video to help with your regular skin checks Digital assistant A voice-activated digital assistant ‘Skin Check’ app – Available...

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We need to protect our skin all year round

Aotearoa ski season is upon us. UV radiation is amplified at high altitude, and intensifies as it reflects off the snow. In fact, UV intensity not only increases with reflection from the snow, but from water and even concrete too!

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Out of sight, out of mind

Dunedin-based life coach and public speaker Julie Woods lost her sight at the age of 31, and in this edition of Spot News, she shares her inspirational story of how learning to manage her blindness has helped her through the shock and uncertainty of a melanoma diagnosis seven years ago.

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